The Top Advancements in Transportation Technology

Transportation Technology

The Top Advancements in Transportation Technology

Transportation technology is currently at its peak of development. It is progressing every day to provide faster as well as safer commuting options. Recently Tesla introduced Cybertruck which caught the attention of the youth as well as the innovators in transportation technology. Even today, the manufacturers are working to create new tech and here are some of the examples.

Autonomous cars

The autonomous cars are the self-driving cars which were first introduced by Tesla and Google car to ease the driving experience of users. Due to a large number of accidents reported every year, there is a need for the safe and controlled driving system. Autonomous cars can be a safer alternative for humans with economic and environmental benefits. Removing human control over the driving can allow cars to program their efficiency better, reducing the fuel consumption and cost of vehicle maintenance.

Autonomous cars

Faster transport services

The companies such as Uber have been providing a more convenient way of transportation to the users in Major cities around the world. Today the riders can access the phone app to call cabs right at their doorstep in quick and easy steps. While such cab services are providing a great solution to people’s commute, it also raises a few concerns related to the safety or the riders as well as the facilities provided to the drivers.


One of the most awaited transport technology is SpaceX’s Hyperloop which can be the next game-changer in fast transport after airlines and bullet trains. The concept is a pneumatic tube which will carry a seating compartment through it at superfast speeds with the help of series of induction motors and compressors. It is estimated to be a very expensive project which can take up to 6 Billion US dollars for its first line.

Lightweight body parts

To increase the performance of a vehicle, it is very necessary to remove excess weight from the body of the vehicle. Reducing the weight by 10% can increase the fuel economy by 6% or more. Today the manufacturers are opting for lightweight materials which can deliver better rigidity and strength, such as carbon fibre and magnesium alloys. Using these materials is still under testing as the manufacturers want to make sure that these materials can withstand the accidents that can happen on the roads.

Internet of Things

Another technology that can help transportation is the internet of things. The IoT is being applied and tested to provide transportation solutions in many ways. It can help in route planning with the help of sensors and GPS service. This can help in reaching the destinations in a much faster and safer way. It can also help in reducing the accidents as it can alert the driver about the position of other vehicles on the road. Another major application is detecting whether the driver is too intoxicated to drive the vehicle and switching to Auto-driving  or making the vehicle inoperative if tested positive.

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