How and why you should invest in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain tech

The bitcoin currency has been trending for these past few years and has never encountered the sort of upsurge it has gained through our 2017; it has recently hit the value of over $7000 per bitcoin all the way from $1000 as at January 2017. As the growth of this digital currency spikes, companies are weighing their options on delving into the blockchain technology to find out how they can benefit from it and create new uses for it. After all the controversies and mixed views even by experts, one thing remain remains clear, old investors have made surplus profits from buying bitcoin over six years back when it was less than one US Dollar.

Now a lot of people will argue for the fact that this isn’t exactly the best time to begin long term investments on bitcoin as the breakthrough had already occurred, you could still trade bitcoin. Another investment opportunity will be to buy stocks of the top blockchains, however, you can still trade bitcoin on various platforms and take advantage of its so called volatility and sway in value to make profits. That’s one way you can reap from the bitcoin trend, another aspect in this – There are some popular blockchain companies that you can invest in. some of them are;

BTCS – reputed to be one of the first companies to enter into the digital currency marketplace.

Global Arena Holding – this company is currently striving to apply the tech of blockchains to ATMs.

DigitalX – this company are the creators of the mobile product known as Air pocket which helps to ensure the safety of payments that are considered cross-border from thousands of locations in many countries mostly from the United States.

BTC Group – this company offers solutions for blockchains in different areas, banking inclusive.

Coinsilium Group – this company helps to build and develop blockchainstartups

First Bitcoin Capital – this company acquires bitcoinstartups and fund them, increasing their capabilities in creating hardware and software for the cryptocurrency.

These are very great investment opportunities in the blockchaintechnology world as their potentials at this digital age are very high.



Ethereum is a digital currency designed by Vitalik Buterin in 2014; its role is to create a platform where smart contracts can be developed. The ethereum currency is called ether and the intention behind the creation of ethereum is for it to become a world computer where people could perform different businesses, do transactions.

Ethereum and bitcoin share some similarities; they are both mediums of investment and also platforms where various transactions such as buying and selling of goods and services take place.
The difference between the two cryptocurrencies can be distinguished in the aim for which they were created, unlike bitcoin which aims at storing wealth, and eventually becoming a legal tender all over the world, ethereum aims at providing a platform where smart contracts can be developed and executed.

Ethereum can also be distinguished in its availability, whereas bitcoin system produces only 21million bitcoin, ethereum has no specified quantity. It also aims towards making the everyday life of an individual efficient and at less cost, also by eradicating activities of third parties and middle men from our system. Ether can be obtained by providing goods and services and requesting payment in the form of ether, through mining of ethers and also purchasing it from a credible ether broker.

Unlike bitcoin, transactions that take place in ethereum can be tracked down eventually to a particular source, this makes it impossible for ethereum to be used illegally but that doesn’t completely rule out the fact that it could be put into illegal use.

In ethereum mining, lots of designs are put into place to ensure that transactions takes place effectively and that the network is functional at all times. The designs are the miner and they are connected to the internet. This computer system use Lots of power and energy, huge companies could decide to maintain these computers so as to avoid failure or breakdown of the system. In cases like this, the companies are rewarded with ethers.

Keeping ether safe requires a private key. The private key controls the ether. It could be in physical or digital form. A safe way to ensure the security of the private key is in a mobile phone which should be stored in digital form. The only constraint to storing the private key on a mobile phone is in the case of loss of phone, these therefore imply loosing the private key.
Ethereum transactions are almost like the physical cash transactions, if your wallet is compromise or you send ether to the wrong person, the transaction is irreversible. There is also risk of failure of the network since it’s still new.

Like bitcoin, the value of ethereum is also determined by the number of people that accepts it. An increase in the number of people brings about an increase in the value of ethereum; however a decline in its use would lead to less value and price.

Beginners Guide To Mining Bitcoin

Get yourself a rig which can mine Bitcoin

Mining Bitcoin is an extremely competitive market to find yourself in. As increasingly more miners seriously table with the most recent mining equipment the issue to mine raises every day. Before actually getting started you have to perform your credited diligence. This implies you want to discover whether mining Bitcoin is usually also lucrative for you.The easiest method to do that is by using Bitcoin mining calculator. Simply enter the info of the miner you’ve planned on purchasing and observe how lengthy it will require you to make money. Nevertheless, I can let you know from the start without investment you most likely won’t have the ability to quarry any Bitcoins.

Get yourself a Bitcoin wallet

First thing to be done is usually get yourself a “Bitcoin Wallet. “Because Bitcoin can be an internet centered money, you will need a spot to maintain your Bitcoins. After you owna wallet be sure to obtain your wallet address. It’ll be an extended series of characters and figures. Each wallet includes a different method to obtain the Bitcoin address related to general public but in most of the cases wallets are very self-explanatory about it. Observe that you’ll want your General Bitcoin address expressed publicly rather than your Personal Essential (which is similar to a security password for your pocket).

Look for a mining pool

When you possess a wallet you are most likely roaring to move, however if you really need help to earn Bitcoin (cash), you probably have to join a mining pool. A mining pool is definitely several Bitcoin miners that works out their processing capability to earn even more Bitcoins. The reason why you shouldn’t proceed it only is usually that Bitcoins are rewarded in hindrances, generally 12.5 at the same time, and if you don’t obtain incredibly lucky, you won’t become obtaining some of those cash.

Obtain a mining system for your pc

Given that you’ve got the fundamentals covered we’re nearly prepared to quarry. You will require a mining customer to perform on your pc compared to that it is possible to regulate and observe your mining rig based on the criteria of your rig you have you need to search for the appropriate software program. Many mining pools possess their personal software program like Bitminer. However, many don’t.

Begin mining

Okay, thus hopefully right now the procedure is preparing to move forward. Get your power store connected to a miner and commence it. Be sure to get it attached to your personal computer (generally via USB) and start your software program of mining. The very first thing you’ll should do is usually to get into your account of mining pool.

To sum it up this content might be even more rewarding that you simply purchase Bitcoins rather than to invest on Bitcoin exploration. Most of the time purchasing the cash will produce an increased return on investment (profits on return) than to mine bitcoin.